We now have a new host.

After a fantastically successful two years the CreST Network is complete. The website will remain active and continue to grow. We would like it to serve as a permanent hub for those interested in creative speech technology. A full archive of media will become available in due course. We will announce new projects stimulated by CreST as they occur.

Chris and Alistair January 28th 2013

Legacy materials (below)

The Creative Speech Technology Network (CreST) was an interdisciplinary network of contributors to the field of computer speech. It was led by Dr Alistair Edwards, University of York and Dr Christopher Newell, University of Hull. It was funded by an EPSRC grant and commenced in March 2011 for 2 years.

Our meetings are broadcast live and archived here

There were four objectives for the network:

  • Support for the emergence of common languages and understandings that facilitate better communication between speech scientists and speech practitioners in the arts. Encourage the emergence of an interdisciplinary ontology for computer speech production
  • To encourage the development of partnerships and networks between speech scientists and speech practitioners in the arts that will lead to creative collaborations and further research proposals
  • To provide a platform for the development of modestly scaled prototypes and artefacts by network members.
  • To provide heightened public engagement with computer speech research through a touring show demonstrating works developed within the network, special activities for the public throughout the life of the network and an interactive website.


ARTiculate Roadshow

The final event was the Articulate Roadshow at Woodend Scarborough  plus the first ever concert for artificial and human voices

Press release 

Voice by Choice video

As described on the BBC News Website

All the latest media coverage for the CreST Network Articulate Roadshow